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The Near Myths: Guestbook


June 27, 2005

I've heard what these people do, just like golf, "These people can PLAY."


June 25, 2005

What can I say? My husband got out to your website and downloaded Rapunzel. He goes around singing it all the time. I have now made an appointment to get my hair cut. I have attempted writing anti-(dotical) lyrics several times to cure him but to no avail. We are starting a help group. It will have a Questbook for those needing Near help.

Chuck Nichols

June 23, 2005

I got all mythy eyed seeing KT's picture with the band.


June 21, 2005

.... I almost forgot....

Teeper.... I Myth You !! EMAIL ME !!


June 21, 2005

HEY GUYS!! Enjoyed the site! Hope to hear from you ex-CNC people soon !!



June 19, 2005

I recall sweet sounds at Ritter's Lake. Glad to know the music continues.

John and Christine Marcotte

June 18, 2005

Hey Andy!!! Where's the picture of the carnival taken? It sure is nice to have famous neighbors.

Jeff Ellison (Andy's nephew)

June 18, 2005

There's something strange about having an uncle cooler than you. Rock on old man!

Daniel Phillips

June 18, 2005

Hey all, just listened to the three songs available on the site. Nice clean acoustic sounds. Let me know when the CDs are ready so I can add it to my collection. :)

Jack King

June 16, 2005

Hey, that guitar on the intro to "Fool Me Once" used to be mine about 34 years ago. It still sounds great! Rock on, Andy!!

Will Baker

June 14, 2005

By the way, where did you guys have this picture taken?
Is this Andy's backyard?


June 13, 2005

O.K. my friends. I got the goods on all of you so my CD better be in the mail as soon as it is printed. Remember that camera I flashed about in the 70s? Well it had film in it (I think) and as soon as I get it developed, I'm gonna have evidence big time. So my music better be a commin down the mountain. And...."If in doubt....twirl."


June 13, 2005

Got your back!


June 10, 2005

I'm seriously considering suing whoever used my name in an earlier post! I took a mail- order course on Legalese, I'll have you all mythbegotten mythfits will be hearing from my "me" real soon! (party of the first party)

Carter Monroe

June 10, 2005

Love the songs. Can't wait to get the cd.


Leslie Pipan

June 9, 2005

Yes, this is the third and final sister of the great Andy....I always knew he would amount to something.....can't wait to get the first cd-first of many I am sure-i like Rapunsel-imagine how much I would like it if I could get my volume turned up!!

Betsy Decker

June 9, 2005!!

Warren Huddleston

June 9, 2005

Hey Jim, Enjoyed the music and thanks for the e-mail. Look forward to hearing more. Warren

Sandra Shepherd

June 9, 2005

I'm so glad The Near Myths have made this recording. I am looking forward to the final product.

Kathy Bouman

June 9, 2005

Cool site, I'll be glad to see more as it develops. Andy's older (and much wiser) sister, Kathy, Columbia, SC. ;-)


June 9, 2005

Great website! Nothing rudimentary about it,Andy!
And,Great music! Hearing you sing brings back sweet memories of Dillard St. Karl and I are ready to have our own copy of WILSON! We think about you daily and hope you're feeling good.

Martha Lisle

June 9, 2005

I love the sound of your group. Andy had played the Fool Me Once recording for me and I liked it. Rapunzel is also very good.

Will Baker

June 9, 2005

cooooooooool picture man.
Whens the next world tour?

Terry Phillips

June 8, 2005

Wow! I never visited my own website before! How cool! This band is one of the best hodgepodges of Americana I've ever been involved with...I can't wait until the whole album comes out! I think folks who enjoy many different genres of music are gonna dig it! teep

Bill Oglesby

June 8, 2005

"Fool Me Once" was my anthem for fall 2004, and I loved the bio -- isn't Kevin Bacon in there somewhere?? I'm Andy's cousin Bill, and he was no different at 13. Rock on!

George Frye

June 8, 2005

You're never too old to rock and roll. Great website.
George (friend of Andy)


June 8, 2005

Hi Andini, I was thinking of you on my way home today. Kiss the Spike for me! Hope you are doing ok this week.

love, nona and the troops

Talia :-0

June 8, 2005

You guys rock! You're one of my favorite bands!I feel like I know you so well, you're like family!

Molly *

June 8, 2005

Hey nice page you guys sound like a cool band...never heard of you though.
You remind me of the Grateful Dead...darling!
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