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The Near Myths: Music

Flyin' Blind

(The Near Myths)
June 23, 2013
Ben Greene

Ben - lead vocal (1), acoustic guitar

Teep – lead vocal (2), electric guitars, bass

Jim - lead vocal (3)

Phil - atmospherics

Matthew - drums 

Backing vocals - Jim, Katy, Ben


Firecrackers in the backseat

As we were getting off

Dennis diving drunk

And menace in the cough


They’ve busted Señor Gusto

Foam fizzles in your head

Kaleidoscope is broken

Spinning in the bed



Sometimes it’s a thin thin line

Between flyin’ high 

And flyin’ blind


All the wires are showing

There’s nothing up your sleeve

You’ve fumbled your best offer

It fell too far to retrieve




Sparks are flyin’ backwards

Something don’t sound right

Tell me what is hissing

And ready to ignite