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The Near Myths: Music

Like Refugees

(The Near Myths)
June 23, 2013
Jim Clark

Jim - lead vocal, acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica

Teep – lead guitar, bass

Phil - celeste

Matthew - drums 

Background vocals - Jim, Katy


Where you gonna run when the ice begins to melt?

And who’s gonna tell you to tighten up your belt?

Same blind hand that holds the balance

Done shot down Liberty Valance

Oh pray for me, brother, in my misery


“Blessed are the poor,” I heard the preacher say

And to save their souls he kindly made them that way

Lamb of God or raging lion

Can’t you hear your people cryin’

Like refugees from a broken promised land



You gotta walk it like you talk it

Sing it like you mean it

Don’t take it to the streets and hawk it

If you can’t live it like you dream it


I hear it’s snowin’ up in the mountains, the trees are hung with ice

So let’s just stay here in the cabin, poke the fire up once or twice

But fire and ice mean stormy weather

Look out when they come together

These days it feels like you’re livin’ under a gun




Repeat first verse

Repeat last line