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The Near Myths: Music

Rock and Roll Brother

(The Near Myths)
June 23, 2013
Ben Greene

Ben - lead vocal, acoustic guitar

Teep - lead guitar, bass

Bernadette - piano

Phil - organ

Matthew - drums

Doug Awai - saxophone

Background vocals - Jim, Katy, Bernadette


Liner notes and session men

Had it on vinyl way back when

Guess it’s all a slice of what we turned out to be

Almost broke but life was rich

We watched ‘em dance, high on the bridge

If life is a double album, we’re the last cut on Side 3

There was always one more cut we just had to cover

So won’t you count if off, my Rock and Roll Brother


The young are wasted on their youth

We chased the muse out on the roof,

The stars like charts of chords, breezes like melody

A wineskin underneath your shirt,

Passing through the gates of a Stones concert

Who’d suspect someone who slinks by so carelessly?

There’s plenty more where we came from; it’s a life like no other

Won’t you count me in, my Rock and Roll Brother


You can’t hold a puff of smoke

We’re nothing less than our old jokes

The time was out of whack, but we still dug that song

Last time I saw you, eyes shut tight

You blew a solo into the quick of night

We got the rhythm right, but somehow the last chord’s wrong

Guess there’s always one more riff that’s ours to discover

So won’t you lay it down

Lay it down

It’s time to lay it down, my Rock and Roll Brother