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The Near Myths: Music

There Never Was Time

(The Near Myths)
June 23, 2013
B.H. Reece/Jim Clark

Jim - lead vocal, acoustic guitar, autoharp

Teep - lead guitar

Background vocals – Katy, Teep

Check out YouTube video:


I wish, he said, the years would linger

And fly less fast to make me old

My face is a mask that time’s swift finger

Models, moulding wrinkle and fold


In sagging flesh youth fashioned true

To the ageless image, engraved on brass,

Of a young face Rome or Athens knew

(There was time for youth to pass)



I know a journey that yet wants going

I know a song that is still to sing

I know a fallow that waits the sowing

 (There never was time for everything)


Time had a long look when I was twenty

Was there anything I had not done

And yet would do?  Well, there was plenty

Of daylight left in the cycling sun


The roughs of knowledge that wanted scaling

They loomed – there was time to be a sage

Time and to spare to heal all ailing

(And time enough for a man to age)




But now the night that has no breaking

Shadows the sun gone down the west

And my heart in its damaged cage is aching

After lost years, too brief at best


Chorus (2x)