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The Near Myths: News

Andy Performs "Long Walk Home" on Piano - May 30, 2014

Andy performs Neil Young's "Long Walk Home" at R.A. Fountain General Store with backup from Katy and Jim.


"Another Love Song" on YouTube - September 2, 2013

Thanks to our good friend Carter Monroe, Ben's song "Another Love Song," from WILSON, is now available on YouTube.  Check it out!


Barton College Press Release for . . . and into the flow - August 12, 2013

For Immediate Release

The Near Myths Release Third Album

Wilson, NC – August 5, 2013 - . . . and into the flow, the third CD by The Near Myths, was released on July 29, 2013.  Barton’s Dr. Jim Clark, band member and de facto manager of the group, says, “This CD will very likely be our last.  More and more people download their music now, usually individual songs; the days of physical CDs with artwork and songs arranged for a particular effect are numbered.”  The band has released two previous CDs:  Wilson, in 2005, and Words to Burn in 2008.  All three CDs also feature the musicianship and technical expertise of Barton’s director of Audio Recording Technology Phil Valera, who recorded, mixed, and co-produced them, as well as contributing organ, synthesizer, harmonica, and percussion.

The other members of the band include Clark’s grad school roommate Ben Greene, whom he met in 1976 while attending UNC-Greensboro, and Greene’s wife, Bernadette, from Vancouver Island, British Columbia; Katy Adams, from Greensboro, North Carolina; and Terry “Teep” Phillips, from Knoxville, Tennessee.  Adams’s son, Matthew, played drums.  “There’s a sort of retrospective feel to some of the songs in terms of their lyrics,” says Clark.  “Most of us are in our fifties now, and we’ve known each other a long time and been through a lot together, bad and good, including the recent deaths of band member Andy Oglesby, from Greensboro, and Katy’s husband, Frank.  That’s not to say there aren’t some up-tempo rockers, though.”

Indeed, . . . and into the flow is the band’s most adventurous and varied musical effort yet, including saxophone on several songs, and a full horn section on Ben Greene’s “Cooler Heads Prevail.”  “We also co-wrote several songs this time, and we trade lead vocals on several tracks.  We wanted a more organic, communal feel,” Clark says.  “Our musical tastes and influences are pretty eclectic, so it’s kind of hard to categorize the sound of The Near Myths.  I guess ‘contemporary folk-rock’ comes close, or maybe ‘Americana’.”

All three of the band’s CDs, as well as two solo CDs by Clark, were recorded in the Sara Lynn Riley Kennedy Studio, on the campus of Barton College.  Clark is especially pleased about this, noting that Barton’s Director of Publications, Keith Tew, has served as the art director for all the CDs, and other members of the Barton Community, including Music Director Mark Peterson, Communications professor Webster Struthers, and Psychology professor Eddie Fernandes, have played on some of the CDs.  “There’s a real sense of community at a small college, and wonderful opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.  I think it’s a tribute to the kind of place Barton is that it has nourished and encouraged this sort of creative – and even entrepreneurial – collaborative effort.”

Physical CDs and downloads of . . . and into the flow will be available online at and CD Baby; downloads will be available from iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, and other digital music providers.  The Near Myths’ homepage is

Myths Smaller Than Beatles - August 1, 2013

Band Owns Up to Being Smaller Than Beatles


          One of North America’s most obscure legendary bands, The Near Myths, has admitted to being “smaller than The Beatles.” The five band members, all wearing solemn expressions, made this confession at a recent press conference in Nowheresville, where they recorded their new album, …and into the flow.   They then took questions from members of the press, or would have, had any bothered to turn up.

          A visibly shaken Jim Clark, read from a paper, which trembled in his talented hands: “We, The Near Myths are, unequivocally, smaller than The Beatles.”

          “Not physically,” lead guitarist Terry “Teep” Phillips quickly added.

          “No, some of have a few pounds on any of The Fab Four,” Clark agreed.

          “And we all could look Ringo in the eye,” added Katy Adams.

         “Though we don’t mean that metaphorically,” Ben Greene pointed out.  “At least when it comes to musical stature.”

          “Or the gift of joy he’s brought to millions,” added keyboardist Bernadette Greene.

          “We’ve only brought our gift to dozens,” said Ben.

          “Which is considerably smaller than millions,” Teep said.

          “If any reporters were here to ask how we came to conclude that we’re smaller than The Beatles,” Ben began.

          “Considerably smaller,” Teep emphasized.

          Ben nodded.  “Then first off I’d tell them I’m not knocking us or putting us down.  I’m just saying it as a fact, and it’s true, more for England than here.”

          “It’s true the world over,” said Katy.

          “Yes,” said Jim, “but we did sell a few copies of our first two albums in the States. As I recall, in England we sold none.”

          “Which is smaller,” said Teep.

          “Look,” Jim said, “I firmly believe our new third album, …and into the flow is our best, but if it sells even one one-hundredth of what The Beatles’ least selling album sold, I’d be shocked.”

         “And one one-hundredth, you must admit, as a fraction is quite small,” said Teep.

          “I remember when the realization dawned on us,” Katy recalled, “just after one of the last recording sessions for …and into the flow.  We were in Wilson, North Carolina at the home of Phil Valera, who produced and mixed the album.”

          “And did a masterful job,” said Bernadette.  “It’s our richest sounding record yet.”

          “True,” said Ben.  “Phil had put on The Beatles’ Love album, and we were sitting quietly, marveling at the quality of their music. I turned to Katy and said,  ‘All Phil has to do, is make us sound like that.’ ”

          “Which he didn’t,” Teep said.

          Ben fought back a sigh, and went on. “About a minute later, it occurred to me:  The Beatles sang better than we do.  And played better.  And wrote better songs.”

           “However,” Bernadette added,  “this new album includes many of our finest songs.”

“Yes,” Jim agreed, his face no longer quite so glum.  “The album includes one final song from the late lamented Andy Oglesby, ‘No Danger,’ which has a catchy stinging guitar line from Teep and a hip vocal from Katy.   Ben’s ‘Cooler Heads Prevail’ features an ultra cool horn arrangement.”

“Jim’s ‘Caprice’ is vying for my all time favorite Near Myths’ track,” Katy said.  “And there are plenty of others that I’d recommend as really really good.”

“Though not The Beatles,” several band members responded, voices overlapping.

 “For example,” said Bernadette,  “Teep’s ‘I Guess My Eyes Are Playing Tricks on Me’ has a terrific Fleetwood Mac vibe.”

“We’re smaller than them, too,” said Teep.  “Physically as well.  That Mick Fleetwood is pretty tall.”

CDs Arrive in Wilson - July 29, 2013

CDs of . . . and into the flow, The Near Myths' third album, arrived at TNM headquarters in Wilson, NC today.  They're beautiful!  And they'll be available in all the usual places very shortly.  Stay tuned!

The Near Myths' third CD - . . . and into the flow - now in production! - July 14, 2013

. . . and into the flow, The Near Myths' third album, is finally in production!  Artwork submitted and approved.  Tentative release date:  July 26, 2013.  Stay tuned . . .

Honoring North Carolina Folk Artist Vollis Simpson - June 12, 2013

The Near Myths honor the life and legacy of Lucama, NC, folk artist Vollis Simpson whose work continues to delight and inspire us.


New Video by The Near Myths! - March 18, 2013

Check out this new video of "There Never Was Time," the final song on The Near Myths' forthcoming third CD . . . and into the flow.  It features Jim's musical setting of a poem by Byron Herbert Reece.


"Caprice" - New Song by The Near Myths - February 10, 2013

Check out "Caprice," by The Near Myths, on Jango. It's the first song on our third CD, ". . . and into the flow," which will be out in late spring 2013. Let us know what you think.


Recording Session Update - July 15, 2012

Wilson sessions update: Katy and Teep arrived Wednesday afternoon, Ben Thursday afternoon, and Matt Friday afternoon. Jim, Katy, and Teep began work Thursday morning on Jim's songs: "Like Refugees" and "There Never Was Time." We finished those up just about the time Ben arrived. We then started working on Ben's song "Wilderness of Stars." Friday was "Midway Through Neil Young's Life Journey" and "Flyin' Blind." Saturday was for wrapping things up, and recording Matt's drums. Some tremendous food and good times throughout. Bernadette - We missed you!! It would be nice to have the CD out before Christmas, but realistically, we may be looking at an early 2013 release. We'll keep you posted, and we may make a pre-release song or two available online. Special thanks to Cliff for technical assistance, and the loan of the bass. As always, it was a pleasure working with producer and sometime band member Phil Valera. As Katy would say, "Band camp's over . . . Bummer!"

The Near Myths Convene to Finish Recording Third Album - July 9, 2012

The Near Myths (minus Bernadette, sadly, who had to hold down the fort in Vancouver) will convene a little later this week for 3-4 days of intensive recording sessions to put down the last batch of tunes for our as yet untitled third album. You can't say we don't take our time with our work - it was just about this time last year that we recorded the first batch. Those are all just about polished up now. Songs on tap for this week are mostly Ben's: "Wilderness of Stars," "Flyin' Blind," and the intriguingly titled "Midway Through Neil Young's Life Journey." Also Jim's "Like Refugees" and "There Never Was Time," a final setting of a Byron Herbert Reece poem. We'll keep you posted!

New YouTube Video for "Old Mill Road" Remix - June 21, 2012

Check out the new YouTube video for Phil's sparkling, punchy remix of "Old Mill Road" from Wilson.  The images are from folk artist Vollis Simpson's whirligig installation near Lucama, NC.


The Near Myths Begin Work on Third Album - July 23, 2011

The Near Myths spent the past week (July 17-22) in Wilson, NC, recording tracks for a new CD, tentatively titled COOLER HEADS.  True to form, the band selected the hottest week of the year to work, with daily high temps passing the century mark. 

Working again with co-producer, engineer, and sometime band member Phil Valera the band recorded tracks for eight new songs:  Cooler Heads Prevail, Rock and Roll Brother, and Small Town Gypsies, by Ben Greene; Come Out and Dance and I Guess My Eyes Are Playing Tricks on Me, by Terry Phillips; See You There and Caprice, by Jim Clark and Ben Greene; and You Say that You're Nick Danger, by band member Andy Oglesby who passed away in 2006.  You Say that You're Nick Danger will feature band member Katy Adams on her first lead vocal. 

Matt Adams returned to play drums on the sessions, as he did for The Near Myths' second album, WORDS TO BURN. 

Stay tuned for updates . . .

"(Take Me Back to) Dillard Street" Video - August 28, 2008

Watch Joe Scott's excellent video slide show for Andy's song "(Take Me Back to) Dillard Street" on YouTube.

The Near Myths in the Top 10! - April 26, 2008

The Near Myths are topping the charts over at Indie-Music. com with songs from our new CD WORDS TO BURN. We currently have two number 1 songs: "Jubilee," on the Americana/Alt.Country chart, and "Romances" on the Folk Rock chart. Both of these songs are by Terry "Teep" Phillips, our resident secret weapon and Mad Musical Genius. We also have other top 10 songs on those charts, as well as on the Pop, Pop Rock, and Rock charts.

You don't have to be a DJ or music reviewer to enjoy Words to Burn, though . . . - February 9, 2008

A DJ and Reviewer’s Guide to Words to Burn/The Near Myths

If ever an album disproved the myth of the sophomore slump, Words to Burn is it. Reeling from the loss of founding member Andy Oglesby, the remaining Near Myths turned the final recording sessions into a glorious wake for their old friend, completing work on three of his songs. Taking their cue from such harmonizers as Fleetwood Mac, The Mamas and The Papas, and CSNY, The Near Myths are eclectic New Millennium vagabond mongrels, infusing traditional folk-rock and pop with a thoroughly contemporary sensibility.

1. “Romances.” Kicking off a suite of songs about the vicissitudes of love, the opening tune cruises along on a bed of crisp acoustic guitars and irresistible harmonies. “Heartbreak mixed with pleasure / Pain turns out to be treasure.” (4:01)

2. “Laughing by Now.” This British Invasion homage is a bittersweet delight. Intricate vocal arrangement, 12-string lead, it’s got it all. “We should be laughing by now / We should have kissed and said ‘It’s all fine / Let’s make up for lost time.’” (3:50)

3. “Salmon.” Can you say “backwards piano whoosh”? Producer Phil Valera, The Near Myths’ very own George Martin, digs into his bag of amazing tricks to heighten the spooky mood of this propulsive gem. Three-part harmony “oohs” and dual electric guitars seal the deal. “The Salmon is the river of no return . . .” (3:02)

4. “Need You Gone.” In which The Near Myths seriously rock out. Crunchy, distorted electric guitars, vocal loops, psychedelic organ, wailing background vocals, killer drums. “Gonna find the heart of rock and roll . . .” (4:20)

5. “Jubilee.” Grab your baby and head on down to the creek. We’ll already be there, playing up a storm. Dig the soulful organ, and the lead guitar’s hotter than the bonfire! “If you will . . . Play the song you know!” (4:16)

6. “Slip across the Border.” The mood is mellow and the piano goes down like hot buttered rum on a snowy day. Bernadette takes the lead vocal here, a first for The Near Myths, and the background vocals fit like a velvet glove. “If you’ve been hesitating / The time is ripe for you / To make your move / You can slip across the border into love.” (3:46)

7. “Winter Dreams.” Based on the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. A little gypsyish, a little Beatle-y. The two female backing vocals fit the story perfectly. “Pretty as a picture, when I was twenty-four / But now I don’t remember, I don’t try anymore.” (3:31)

8. “White Horse.” Catchy, and the percussion and the flutes do give it a Caribbean feel, but do not call it “The Cha-Cha song.” Please. Who is the Doc? And why is he riding that white horse? “And me, I had the voice / And you, you had the hands / And the Doc had fire and ice to give away / And all his talk and plans.” (3:03)

9. “Even Misery.” The soundtrack to the first ever Near Myths’ music video; check it out on YouTube. A retro blast of rockabilly and pub rock, complete with reverbed vocals, cheesy organ, ooohs and ahhhs, and dynamite lead break. You’ll smile at the clever tongue-in-cheek lyrics: “‘Cause even misery doesn’t care for your company.” (3:03)

10. “Piedmont Shuffle.” Not really a shuffle, technically speaking, but a bouncy, fun song with a compelling bass line, harmonica, and background vocals. You won’t be able to get it out of your head. “Seems like you hardly open your eyes / Before they start turning out the light.” (3:35)

11. “(Take Me Back to) Dillard Street.” Andy’s swan song. A fond remembrance of and farewell to a memorable time and place. A magnum opus. Andy put his heart and soul into writing this one, and we put everything we had into it, too. “Come on in and have a seat, take a load off of your feet.” (8:21)

12. “Why . . . .” A beautifully edgy meditation on life and how it’s lived. This is grown-up music for grown-ups of all ages. The band’s four-part harmony meshes seamlessly, Teep’s guitar solo shimmers, and no one ever banged a gong more profoundly than Phil. “But ‘Why?’ like any other foolish question / Has no answer.” (5:12)

13. “In the Big Picture.” Ben’s lovely, tentative vocal and finger picking rise wraith-like from the tense reverberation of the gong at the end of “Why . . . .” The choruses swell, full bodied and full hearted, while Phil’s Theremin wheels and spins overhead like a guardian angel. “In the big picture / The picture’s pretty big.” (6:04)

WORDS TO BURN a Wrap! - January 10, 2008

WORDS TO BURN, The Near Myths' second album, is now officially in production. January 28 is the projected release date. The album contains thirteen songs, which allows the band to stretch out stylistically. This time around you'll hear a bit more jazz with "Slip across the Border," a piano-based ballad featuring Bernadette's debut as lead vocalist, and a bit more rock with "Need You Gone," Jim's hard driving anthem. As some of you already know, Andy's nostalgic eight minute plus masterpiece "(Take Me Back to) Dillard Street" is a standout. Ben and Teep's in the pocket duet on Ben's British Invasion homage "Laughing by Now" is a bittersweet delight. And the band's four-part harmony has never meshed more seamlessly than on Teep's beautifully edgy "Why . . . ." Samples of all thirteen songs are available on our Music page, and pre-release downloads can be purchased on our MySpace page (see our Links page).

First Ever Near Myths' Music Video - October 4, 2007

The first ever music video by The Near Myths, featuring Ben's song "Even Misery," is now available on YouTube for your enjoyment:
The great animation was created by Ben's former student in Victoria, B.C., Josh Barnes.

Short Treatise on Being a Near Myth, by Teep - January 12, 2007

I could probably write a book on this subject, to tell you all the truth, but briefly, what it means to me to be one of The Near Myths might not be what the uninformed music buyer these days is prone to think. Yes, it's musical on a certain level, but these people know each other in quite a few contexts outside of musical matters, and each one of these good folks has grown in potential over the years. Most of them have day jobs now, and some of them even have grandchildren (most of them being a bit over fifty years of age at this point in time), but they all share a certain ethic emblematic of the "Stand and be counted" attitude of the 1960s, tempered with the experience of passing time. That sort of practical idealism makes these folks well worth the attention, for their music as well as for their personal views. The wisdom of age teaches us that sometimes age shows up and leaves wisdom somewhere back there down the line. The various ways in which we deal with that is the great philosophical conversation The Near Myths have shared a considerable amount of time and energy exploring together down through the years. That gets shared in our music, so that's cool, but politics, poetry, culinary arts, history, and all other sorts of subjects and issues also tie these good folks together. And here's the amazing thing to me...instead of tragedy and loss being threatening to their survival, the passing of previous Myths only enhances and strengthens the bonds that they share. That's a mighty powerful and continually attractive thing to me! As a working musician, I have to say that I unfortunately don't experience that kind of camaraderie with most of the musicians I play with. Hey, some of the musicians I've worked with, I barely know them much deeper than on a first-name basis (if I can remember that much). That doesn't speak to their talent, of course, only the importance with which I'm able to attach them to my personal life, and my friends in The Near Myths have shared a great many magical and mythical extra-musical happenings over the last two or three decades. Jim Clark, Katy Adams, Ben and Bernadette Greene, Matthew Adams (Katy's son), and I regathered in late July to record The Near Myths' second album entitled WORDS TO BURN, combining new tracks with posthumous tracks from our recently deceased (other) guitar-slinger, Andy Oglesby (who will no doubt be truly missed on future recordings). Although Andy's gone, his spirit lives on quite assuredly, thanks to these new recordings, and he will always be a part of what fuels The Near Myths' talent and inspiration. These ridiculously lovable folks truly exhibit no reservations whatsoever about forging fearlessly and confidently ahead toward the future together, whatever it may bring! So I invite you all to please, get to know these urbane, intelligent, funny, sensitive and caring musicians. Jim, Katy, Ben, Bernadette, Teeper, Matthew...and Andy and Jane, too. (And even Phil, the guy on the other side of the booth...he does much more than simply klonk a righteous cowbell!) This time around, Phil is being most ably assisted by Second Engineer Chris Nelson, which will surely make this album superior to our last one in quite a few ways. No matter what kind of American you may be, you might find something exciting and meaningful to rally around with this bunch of freewheeling old youngsters! Folk-rock music with their unique attitude really is good for the soul! All that to say only this...they're the only group I've ever worked with that can work in groups of two or three and feel to me like it's the same group of six or seven or so musicians on the albums. They're that cool. So visit their website, check out their music, and tell 'em Teeper sent you. You know, thanks to the great new tunes on WORDS TO BURN, I believe it's very likely that The Near Myths should still be around for quite awhile. They seem to be growing exponentially beyond those of us on these latest recordings, that's for sure! (And thanks to all of you for exploring the ever-intriguing mysteries and magical myths of life with us through the years, across the continent and around the world! Your posted messages and emails are most appreciated by the group!) Love and peace to you all! Keep visiting here for further updates on gigs and happenings involving yours truly (ol' Teep) and his many musical meanderings! Many thanks! Teeper (Terry L. Phillips)

New Near Myths Album Named! - October 1, 2006

It's official - the name of The Near Myths' second album will be WORDS TO BURN, a phrase lifted from Andy's epic "(Take Me Back to) Dillard Street." We have heard a rough mix of that song, and it sounds good! Katy and Jim went back to the studio on September 23 to overdub some 12-string guitar, banjo, and harmonica. Check out some new photos from the 2006 sessions in the Photo Gallery. More to come!

The Near Myths Return to the Studio - August 1, 2006

Once again, in the very dog days of summer and almost exactly two years after the WILSON sessions, the five remaining Near Myths returned to the little studio that could in Wilson, NC. The recording sessions ran from July 25 to July 29. Phil Valera once again served as our co-producer and chief knob twirler, and this time he had an able assistant in Second Engineer Chris Nelson. The sessions benefited immeasurably from the creative and rock steady drumming of Katy's son, Matthew Adams, a Near Myth in spirit if ever there was one.

It was hard at times to deal with our fallen comrade Andy's absence, but it was a pleasure and an honor to be able to work on his songs. When Andy learned he had cancer back in early 2005, he went into the studio and recorded vocal and rhythm and lead acoustic guitar tracks for two of his songs, "Salmon" and "Winter Dreams." Then, just weeks before his passing, he made a determined effort to get back to the studio to record guitar (his cherished new Martin) and vocal tracks for a stunning new autobiographical song "(Take Me Back to) Dillard Street." It was his example and inspiration that kept us going.

In addition to Andy's three songs, we also have three from Ben ("Even Misery," "Laughing By Now," and "In the Big Picture"), three from Teeper ("Romances," "Jubilee," and "Why?"), and three from Jim ("Piedmont Shuffle," "White Horse," and "Need You Gone"). A collaboration by Ben and Bernadette, "Slip Across the Border" featuring Bernadette on lead vocal, makes the Baker's Dozen.

Much as we all have a soft spot in our hearts for WILSON, we're all in agreement that the new album represents a quantum leap in most every way. Phil will be mixing the tracks. We'll keep you posted!

The Near Myths at the Luna Bean Coffee Bar, Wilson, NC - July 7, 2006

The Near Myths, including Ben and Bernadette Greene in a very rare appearance with the band, will perform at the Luna Bean Coffee Bar in Wilson, NC, Saturday, July 29, at 7:30 p.m. The Luna Bean has reopened in the former Golden China restaurant space, near the Bojangles off Tarboro Street. The cover charge is $3.00. We hope to see you there!

In Memoriam: Andy Oglesby - July 4, 2006

Our dear friend and band mate Andy Oglesby passed away Monday morning, July 3, in the arms of his large and loving family. We're not at all sure how we'll manage without him later this month when we gather in Wilson again to work on the second Near Myths album. But Andy made sure he got his part done, and left us with guitar and vocal tracks for three of his songs: "Salmon," "Winter Dreams," and the epic, autobiographical "(Take Me Back to) Dillard Street." So we'll find a way to do the work, and dedicate this one to LiberalAndy.

The Near Myths at the Coffee & Cream House - June 6, 2006

Saturday, June 10, 4:00-5:30 p.m. - The Near Myths will play a short and sweet afternoon gig at the Coffee & Cream House, 2544 Alamance Church Road, Greensboro, NC. Come see Teep, who's coming over from Knoxville. Come hear Andy play his new guitar!

New Near Myths News! - March 20, 2006

The big news, of course, is the upcoming Near Myths CD release party at R.A. Fountain General Store and Internet Cafe, Fountain, NC, Saturday, April 29, at 7:30 p.m. There's a possibility we might even sponsor a pig-picking earlier in the day, and make a day-long party of it. We'll keep you posted. At any rate, come see us! If you've never been to R.A. Fountain, it's a great old funky place. It's a big storefront in downtown Fountain, NC, that functions as a community center, coffee shop, bookstore, gallery, gift shop, performance space, internet cafe, museum, and who knows what else. The proprietor, Alex Albright, is one of the nicest, most interesting guys you'll ever meet. The Near Myths have been practicing steadily and performing occasionally since the release of WILSON (alas, without the help of Near Myths Ben & Bernadette Greene, who find it hard to swoop down from Vancouver Island, B.C., every time we have a gig). We're red hot! The cover charge is nominal, and well worth it! Here's the link to R.A. Fountain:
On Saturday, April 1 (yes, April Fools Day, appropriately!), we will be playing at a new venue outside of Greensboro, NC, the Coffee and Cream House, 2544 Alamance Church Road. We'll be playing from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. It'll be a very friendly, laid back affair. We're looking forward to it! Join us!

Finally, the buzz is that The Near Myths (all six of them, or seven, including Phil) will once again convene in the legendary little eastern NC town of Wilson this summer to record a follow up disc to WILSON. We're so excited! We are negotiating to bring in a terrific drummer (Katy's son Matthew) to lighten the load on multi-instrumentalist Teep. We've all got more great songs in the bag, and at last count Ben had about 28. What can we say? If we didn't record again, and soon, he might explode. We've been debuting a couple of Andy's new songs live lately, "Salmon" and "Winter Dreams."
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