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The Near Myths: Photos

Phil, invoking the Theremin muse . . .
Contemplating the Luna Bean Gig

Greensboro Rehearsal, July 2006

The Near Myths in Greensboro
Greensboro Rehearsal 1
Greensboro Rehearsal 2
Sir Ben on the 5-String Bass
"Check the phones.  I can't hear a blasted thing!"
Teep & Matthew Rehearsing in Greensboro
Katy & Jim, rehearsing . . .

The Near Myths

The Near Myths and Andy
The Near Myths at "Acid Park"
Myths & Whirligigs
Shadows & Light
The Near Myths at Robbins Jewelry & Music
Robbins Jewelry & Music Friday Jam Session 2
Four Near Myths Harmonizing at Robbins
Blurry Myths with Phil Stuck in the Middle
Southern Myths
The Rough Myths Workin' It
The Far-Out Myths Do Nashville
Three Mythkateers
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