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The Near Myths: Photos

Myth Members

Jim Doing His Music & Poetry Gig
Teep and the Westward Quest Roses
Near Myths Guitar Gods - Andy (L) Teep (R)
Coat 'N' Tie

Dillard Street and Environs

Dillard Street / Lee Street (Looking Toward Downtown)  Note the street sign is incorrect - it should say "W Lee St"
706 Dillard Street (Strip Mall to Right)
The Beef (Biff) Burger on Lee Street (Shot from Lexington Ave.)
1104 Lexington Avenue (Jim's Apartment Far Left)
The Ghetto Today (Ben & Jim's Apartment Upper Right)
Bottom of Tate Street, Looking South (UNC-G to Right)
Where the Hong Kong House Was (Steps to The Downstairs Behind Gate)
Steps to the Old Downstairs/Aliza's/The Cafe
Present Day Spanish Restaurant/Belstone Fox/Where Katy Met Frank

Back in the Day

Rough Mix Loves You! (Jim, Katy, and Andy, with Jane at left, c. 1979)
Rough Mix Live, with Bobby on Mandolin (Katy's hand & guitar on right)
Andy (Dillard Street Daze)
The Amazing Soup & Sandwich
Ben & Teep, Carnaby Style
Ben and Jim at The World's Not Bad (Teep's around somewhere . . .)
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