1. Caprice

From the recording Caprice

Jim - lead vocal, acoustic 6 & 12 string guitars
Teep - lead guitar, mandolin, bass
Bernadette - piano
Ben - 12-string guitar
Matthew - drums
Background vocals: Jim, Katy, Bernadette


We’ve got plenty of legroom
And a Maxfield Parrish sky
They call it a Caprice
But we know we’re gonna die
Yes, there’s gas in the tank
And yes, we’re still plugged in
But we’re tryin’ to get gone
And embrace the Now again
Mitch and the The Kid
Hand out candy from Uncle Tom
As the bricks on Hill Street crumble
While The Flies tear up “Mind Bomb”
We’re up on the roof
Takin’ the air
In the sticky Carolina night
With nothin’ to declare
And I know you’re up there with him
I can hear your laugh through the window
I can smell his cigarette
Don’t leave me here in limbo
Bobby’s mandolin
Weaves a garland ‘round the moon
I’m standin’ in a chair
And I’m sailin’ around the room
And all these friends of mine
Are just playin’ it by ear
They’re all goin’ up in smoke
On the longest day of the year
We’ve got plenty of legroom
And we’re makin’ a run downtown
They call it a Caprice
But me I’m feelin’ down
Why won’t you let me know?
Why don’t you go on home?
It’s the party of the decade
But me I’m feelin’ alone
(Repeat first two lines)