From the recording Cooler Heads Prevail

Ben - lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Teep - electric guitars, bass
Matthew - drums
Doug Awai - saxophone
Bruce Hurn - trumpet
Nick La Riviere - trombone, horn arrangement
Background vocals – Jim, Katy, Bernadette


You’ve got to pick up on what’s goin’ down . . .
Well I know—it shook us up and took us unaware
And for sure, it would be easier to claim we just don’t care
Well we could let the whole shebang go bust
Or rise up and shake off the dust
And hit the trail
You’ve got to pick up on what’s goin’ down
Keep those feet on the ground
Let your mind (heart) set sail
Cooler heads prevail
Sometimes I’m feelin, like scuttling off before it’s closing time
And not be reelin’ and wrangling with what’s messing up my mind
I’m thinking Maynard G. Krebs was right
It can’t all be work, there’s also working up an appetite
Can’t let that good cookin’ go stale
Chorus (2x)
I never had to toss it all into the incinerator
Figured I could always send a truck back for it later on
Later on
Chorus (Repeat, ad lib)