Teep - lead vocal, guitars, bass, harmonica (left)
Phil - percussion, harmonica (right)
Bernadette - piano
Matthew - drums
Handclaps - Ben, Teep, Katy, Bernadette
Background vocals - Jim, Katy, Bernadette


You wanted me
I wanted you
Falling in love was just too easy to do
You pledged your love
And I pledged mine
We sealed the promise ‘till the end of time
Did I see you in another’s arms
You held him closely giving him all your charms
Tell me baby just what I see
I guess my eyes are playing tricks
I guess my eyes are playing tricks on me
You made it clear
I heard it plain
But now I’m confused and nothing seems the same
When did we change
How hard could we try
I could have sworn what we had couldn’t die
Chorus (ad lib to end)