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The Near Myths: Guestbook

Michael Prette

December 18, 2015

First time listner yesterday, and already a big fan. Loving the music.

Hurricane Dennis

October 16, 2014

Very cool.


October 2, 2014

Music for the Soul!

Joy (Tolliver) Smythe

October 1, 2014

Love y'all's music! you peeps got it going for ya , big time! Keep up the great tunes... :)

Pattie Coward

July 7, 2014

Loved it

Micharl Wilson

June 5, 2014

Love the music. Love you too brother Teep!

Marilyne Denham

April 12, 2014

Great music! Teeper sent me!

philip murmelstein

February 1, 2014

"Things should start to get interestin' right about now"


August 23, 2013

"and into the flow" is yet again a wonderful collection of stories put to music. "Wilderness of Stars" takes me back to my youth listening to Cat Stevens. (That is meant as a super compliment.) Congrats to all of you.


July 31, 2013

I like "...and into the flow" a lot and I think it will be the one that finally puts us in the Americana charts. Or a good nursing home. I forget which.


July 25, 2013

Thanks for the goodtimes and dinner. Sounds great. Happy birthday Matt!

Tracy Scott

July 22, 2013



July 18, 2013

Way to go....another CD!
I can't wait to hear it!

Dorothy Iverson

July 18, 2013

Good stuff in here!


July 17, 2013

Glad to know Teeper and Ben are still at it. Website is VERY nice !!!

NEVER stop making music !!!

eddie fernandes

June 24, 2013

Keep on rocking'!


June 10, 2012

I have been listening to all of your music for the last few weeks and just wondering "WHY" the world is not hearing it too?!?!?!?!?

your favourite students

March 8, 2012

Mr Greene rocks! (literally...)


December 1, 2011

Hi Mr. Greene! See? This is now evidence I visited your site!


July 5, 2011

Reminds me of some of my fave bands . . . The Band, CS&N, Buffalo Springfield, etc. Nice work!

Mike Hawk

December 15, 2010


Max Thompson

November 30, 2010

MR GREENE RULES!!!! Where's your next gig

Rob Miller

June 3, 2010

I liked your siite


October 20, 2009

Just a student of Mr. Greene dropping a note to say that your music is pretty good.


mary austin byerly

September 15, 2009

as I dug deeper I found it was my friend Andy. Today is his birthday and I know so many people are thnkiing about him and miss him. My thoughts to his family. My time with him was before Dillard st but I do remember it.

mary austin byerly

September 15, 2009

I have been looking for Andy as he was a large part of my past. I'm I hearing about the same Andy Oglesby? His birthdate was sept 15 and his mom and dad lived in Cornwallas.


August 4, 2009

Hey! the mood good, is fast in school ;-)


June 9, 2009

Excellent work, Nice Design

molly g

December 15, 2008

they make my heart sing like nothing else


September 28, 2008

You are the greatist!


September 15, 2008

Wow, I cannot believe I had to find out about this band from my friends! Mr. Greene should be pawning this off on his students because I'm sure they would be just as impressed as I am. Keep up the good work all of you.


September 8, 2008

Wow! For some reason, I did a Google search for Andy today and I'm still in shock. What a loss.
Andy and I use to try to figure out the cords to John Sebastian songs, then sing them at the top of our lungs. I tried to help him through his Firesign Theatre phase but I never could pull him through it. I've thought about him many times since we left Grimsley. I'm glad to see that his music will live on.

Bob & Jennifer Weaver

June 5, 2008

Terry Phillips
We used to love to hear you play back in the mid-70s during impromptu 1st-East concerts in New Men's Dorm. I was the guy that used to say, "play your other one!"


May 15, 2008

My wife and I lived at 1104 Lexington '79-80?
Used to go down a couple blocks to Danny Pieoffs and listen to him and some friends jam.
That pic of the house on Lex brought back some great memories
Thanks for the great site and music


February 4, 2008

Why mr.greene, why did you wait until we weren't in your class anymore to reveal that you're in this awesome band?


February 4, 2008

Wow.... Who would have thought that my English 10 teacher (Ben Greene) would have been part of such an amazing group of musicians!
You all rock, seriously.
Keep up the awesome work! Hopefully I can get ahold of a copy of "Wilson" as well as "Words To Burn"
Again, you're all awesome.
(PS. Mr. Greene, hopefully this is accurate enough grammar for you!)


January 8, 2008

Can't wait to hear your new CD! I heard a song called "The Bipolar Blues" by was fantastic. Thought of recording that one?? Best of luck to you all. Beth

Susan Nichols

January 8, 2008

Love the look of this web page and it is really easy to navigate!


July 4, 2007

We are just sitting looking at the web site. Great! Happy 4th from the family. Wish you were here. Watch those fireworks!

Gwen Patton

June 24, 2007

Jim from time to time I check
out your home page. You are
so very talanted, hardly seems
like the little boy I used to know.
Your mother attended my 80th
birthday party and my heart was so warm seeing all these ladies come in that had been such a
great presence in my life.
I could never tell you how much
Leonard enjoyed your CD, called
Buried Land. He knew every inch of that land too. He kept it in the
CD player by his chair and I
often found him listening to it.

Emily AP Cole

June 7, 2007

Hey guys! You're doing a great job and I love you're new site!!! I especially LOVE the first picture that comes up with Andy in the background. I am reflecting today on the past year as it's my son Anderson's first birthday. I so wish Anderson could have gotten to know what a wonderful great uncle he was named after. I love Dillard Street, and am so happy to hear Andy's voice on the new album although it makes me cry to hear him that way. Thanks so much for all you do - keep up the wonderful work of making our world more musical! Em

brenda blackburn

June 4, 2007

amazing.......keep up the good work

Brenda (myspace)

Kourtney Pagani

March 4, 2007

hey whats up

Scott Lougheed

February 26, 2007

Hello Myths! I'm very pleased to hear you've got a new disc coming out. I'm also happy to see that Mr. Ben Greene is still rockin'! Maybe I'll bump into you sometime soon Mr. Greene. I look foreward to hearing the new material!

January 26, 2007

Great job my friends, though Jim, you're the only one I really know of the Near-Myths. I listend to the Dillard Street song and think this is nice, a little indulgent, goes on too long; then read the commentary that it's the story of a man's life not just some life encapsulated some perfect song. So glad you included that news commentary revealed this and that references and what the song and the man was all about. Can envy what you guys have all meant to each other. I never was much a band man my early years, still find it easier to break it out solo free and crazy but luckily I had some folks became "band-type" friends their persistance showed me another way looking at it all. Really wanted to hear Water into Wine took me a couple of days the system wasn't set up for that. Will look forward to it.
Tom House

Barry Scott

January 25, 2007

Love the "back in the day" shots, love the music! How 'bout a Vancouver Island tour?


January 24, 2007

As a proud owner of “Wilson”, I was excited to hear Dillard Street. I listened to it tonight with my wife and offspring (aged 22 and 21), and discovered that your trip down memory lane provided the vehicle for me to reminisce with my own family about past exploits. Thanks for that gift. While your sounds are truly unique, for me they echo Ray Materick and Harry Chapin. Such pleasant sounds telling such great stories. What a treasure!

Debbie McGill

January 23, 2007

Great web site!

Rebecca Godwin

January 19, 2007

Keep writing memorable songs.

Sheila Little

January 19, 2007

I look forward to your next concert and I will be buying your new CD. I work at the Wilson County Public Library. I have a BA in History and Music from ACC (Barton College). I like all kinds of music. Sheila

rev from Radio Enigma

January 19, 2007

I can't wait to hear the new album!

austin taylor

January 18, 2007

Can't wait til the new CD comes out. I love WILSON and listen to it often in my car! Great Job Guys!!!!

don waker

January 18, 2007

Great pics..... Hope to hear you soon

beth harper

January 18, 2007

Thanks for keeping me up to date on your fabulous doings.

susan kneten

January 18, 2007


Carter Monroe

January 18, 2007

The new pics are grand. Thanks for sharing them.



January 17, 2007

i have one thing to say about the new pics-memories. evan keeps asking me when the new c.d. is going to be available-in those exact words :) we can't wait to hear it! love, evan, david and vanessa


January 14, 2007

good website

Austin Taylor

December 14, 2006

I am Jane Taylor's nephew in Greensboro, NC. I was also a friend of Andy. He was an awesome guitarist and great person. I listen to the C.D. every day. It's incredible! Keep up the good work, guys!


October 14, 2006

Your guitar player Teep tells us that somebody connected with the Hackney family in Wilson was the originator of the phrase,"A cliche is just something said before, before." Can this be true? Why don't you use more cliches in your songs? Just wondering.
ps-I personally coined the future cliche, "The more you hit your head, the more you hit your head." I'm sure Teep will concur that this is at least accurate if not lyrically significant.
Good luck to you all.
A fan, Pahaska

Betsy Decker

August 8, 2006

Hi all! I'm Andy's sister - the one in Atlanta. I just wanted to thank you all for all the amazing love and support shown to all of us over the last 15 months. Andy loved y'all beyond measure, and you were all such a huge, happy part of his world. Thank you from my heart.....



July 15, 2006

So very sad about Andy. Knew him since Dillard Daze. Fell in love with him at first sight one Halloween on Tate Street even though he was wearing a mask the whole time. But character, wit, and intelligence somehow leaked through the eyeholes, and then when months later I saw that face, heard that guitar & singing, what a treat. Had not seen him in several years but wish I had. I won't forget you, dear Andy.


July 14, 2006


Give Nadine, Dash, Patches , and Thumper a kiss for me. Play a little volleyball, sing a couple of songs, and play a little poker. I know you will all be looking out for us.

And my friend, the great Andini, rest in peace.



July 8, 2006

Nicholas Anderson Oglesby is now and forever one of The Near Myths. He always will be an inspiration and influence to me, both musically and socially. All of us will miss him. Sincere thanks to all our fans for the love and support you have given to us in this time of grief. The Near Myths appreciate it more than words can convey.

Ann Shouse

July 5, 2006

Andy, you will be missed but you will forever be a part of us! Thanks for the memories and the incredible music. (07/05/2006)

RIP My Friend

July 5, 2006

Safe Voyage, Andy :)


kyle pagani

June 12, 2006

Mine tonight and involuntary shuffle are to fantastically written songs. Im just letting all of you guys know you have true talent. im highly anticipating further works. keep rockin.

evan kathleen

May 9, 2006

i just wanted to tell everyone how GREAT of a time i had in fountain!! my legs were sore from dancing so hard the next morning :) love you guys and can't wait to see/hear ya'll again

Scott Lougheed

March 25, 2006

Mr. Ben Greene! As a teacher you certainly were an enigma. The bio shed light on your life and the entire band. I absolutely enjoy the album! You guys have a great story and make great music! DON'T STOP

billybob c

February 20, 2006

Fool Me Once is bona fide ~ dynamite song! Reminds me of tunes we played way back at the Planted Vision. Keep rockin' Teep 'n company!

evan, david & vanessa!!!

February 9, 2006

evan would like to know where her near myths t-shirt is, if you don't mind. and those were her exact words :) we love you guys and the MUSAAAK! we are looking foward to april. and what a hip website! especially the pics w/ jane :)


February 6, 2006

I think the Teep's a cool dude. If anyone can, the Teep can work a little Baroque/Bach-style music into the total group's sound; ya know what I'm sayin?

tim ward

January 16, 2006

terrys friend from ohio ireally enjoyed the 3 available songs banjo piano and vocals were great not to mention terrys all around playing great effort guys and i hope to meet all of you sometime tim ward

Steve Robinson

January 9, 2006

Hi Terry and Ben!!
I was just now able to pull up the songs and listen. Hearing your voices and guitar work brings back so many wonderful memories. I can't wait to hear the cd!!
Love you guys...Keep up the good work!
Steve Robinson

Don Greene

December 12, 2005

Since I am not prejudiced, I think the album was great. GVood lick on your future endeavors.

Warren McCall

December 11, 2005

Excellent album! I really enjoyed all the songs. Great lyrics, great singing, great music. Very impressed.

Matt Vesce

December 10, 2005

Keep it up you guys! You rock Dr. Clark!

Allan Collier

December 10, 2005

Words are incapable of conveying how terrific I think Another Love Song is. I believe it is a number one hit potential. IT IS TERRIFIC!! I love it!!

Lisa C.-Biscoe

December 6, 2005

Just got the notice and listened to Andy's song, among the others. The sound is really good, down to earth and honest. Andy you still have that sexy voice, hope to see you soon and Congrats!!!

Maggie Blue

November 27, 2005

What wonderful work - wish I could meet all of you! Love ya, Teep - hey, that flute is too cool.

JoAnne Guille

November 15, 2005


Evelyn Bales

November 4, 2005

Haven't listened to all the songs yet, but loved the flute/tin whistle on Rapunzel and the lyrics.
Congratulations and alll the best to your group.

Humble Harry

November 2, 2005

I wish you people every success with 'Wilson' I know it will become a benchmark! I shall buy myself one when I have recovered from buying those Eddie Hinton records... Much love and salutations from probably your only supporter in Australia...(not after I get 'Wilson') XXXXX

Martha Lisle

October 30, 2005

I enjoyed your music, and look forward to more.

Beth Danskin

October 28, 2005

I really enjoyed your CD! Great music..great lyrics..well done. I look forward to having my own copy.

James Broyles

October 26, 2005

Hey! Great stuff! Keep rockin', Teeper and all! :)

LuAnn Kimrey Leigh

October 24, 2005

good luck!!!!


October 16, 2005

cool songs y'all! I was anxiously awaiting somebody to write a song about our follish guys did a very tasteful job of it!

keep it up!


September 16, 2005

What a great web site!

David Teague aka; Clowman

August 24, 2005

Great music! Comfortable and smooth like warm peanut butter. Andy, I'm glad you're doing good and you look great. I ain't gonna kiss you or anything but you look good all the same! I'd love to hear you and Wil bend a few strings sometime! I may even blow on the harp if I get enough fuel in me. Hang in there and I'll see you soon. How do I buy the whole CD! Teague

Scott Manley

August 15, 2005

Congradulations to Andy O for your victory over the evil, dreaded 'C'.

Humble Harry

August 4, 2005

Greetings from Australia..Have got to sit in front of my fire listenin' to your CD...Beautiful music! Teep:you didn't tell me you were a wonderful guitar must strive for humility like myself. Love Hazza

Emily AP Cole (Andy's Niece)

August 3, 2005

Hey guys! I can't wait to get the CD when it's out!!! I love this music, and am especially fond of the HOT lead-singer dude in "Fool me once"! I can't wait to see a concert of you guys! Great work! I wish I could play the guitar half as well as my uncle! Em


July 30, 2005

Love the tunes! Sounds great and look forward to the new CD. I am working on a new one right now and can relate to the maddening process you're going through. (I hear wine helps maintain sanity during stressfull times, imagine that!)
I am a good friend of the amazing Teeper and he told me to send you dirty mail, is this considered dirty??
Love your music. Beautiful melodius happiness!

Kirk Fleta

July 30, 2005

I have kidnapped your guitar player, Teeper.
Meet me at the Piggly Wiggly with a case and a half of Diet Root Beer (Unmarked)
Fred, the picker plucker


July 23, 2005

Hey there Y'all,

Sounds good to me. Come tour down south to Teeperland.

Smiley D

Eric Morgan

July 11, 2005

Andy and I have been poker buddies now for some twenty years. I think he fooled me once.

Mickey & Amy

July 1, 2005


Listening to you sing now. Sounds great. See you soon.

M&A, B, G & L


June 28, 2005

Are you touring yet? I'm waiting for the TNM World Tour and the souvenirs (t-shirts, keychains, posters, bobble-head figures, buttons, TNM soap-on-a-rope...


June 27, 2005

"Fool Me Once" is just brilliant and so very true. I listen to it often. Please keep up your excellent work, Liberal_Andy.:-)
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