Recording Session Update

Wilson sessions update: Katy and Teep arrived Wednesday afternoon, Ben Thursday afternoon, and Matt Friday afternoon. Jim, Katy, and Teep began work Thursday morning on Jim's songs: "Like Refugees" and "There Never Was Time." We finished those up just about the time Ben arrived. We then started working on Ben's song "Wilderness of Stars." Friday was "Midway Through Neil Young's Life Journey" and "Flyin' Blind." Saturday was for wrapping things up, and recording Matt's drums. Some tremendous food and good times throughout. Bernadette - We missed you!! It would be nice to have the CD out before Christmas, but realistically, we may be looking at an early 2013 release. We'll keep you posted, and we may make a pre-release song or two available online. Special thanks to Cliff for technical assistance, and the loan of the bass. As always, it was a pleasure working with producer and sometime band member Phil Valera. As Katy would say, "Band camp's over . . . Bummer!"